Anthony’s story: How a piece of a Boeing 747 tailfin inspired a business idea
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    Anthony’s story: How a piece of a Boeing 747 tailfin inspired a business idea

    by drago » Sun Oct 24, 2021 2:07 pm

    Starting a business during a global pandemic may seem like an impossible feat. However, Anthony Friedl, a business analyst from the United Kingdom, has a slightly different opinion.

    Anthony has always wanted to know more about the aviation industry and even harbored dreams of becoming a pilot. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be and, for most of his career, Anthony worked in project management. However, in the 2000s, Anthony was provided with the opportunity to learn secrets of the airline business when he worked in market research.

    He says: “I was able to understand insights in the commercial aviation industry. For example, what the large airlines wanted to convey as their brand and brand strategy. It was interesting.”

    Before COVID-19 changed the world, Anthony had collected airline memorabilia, such as luggage tags. However, the idea to turn his hobby into a business was only sparked at the beginning of the pandemic, when he bought a piece of tailfin from an iconic British Airways Boeing 747-400 wide-body jet. This particular skin belonged to the 25-year-old UK-based flag carrier’s ‘Queen of the Skies’, which used to carry the registration number of G-CIVG. This new acquisition perfectly captured the collection.

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