Cork runway closure 2021
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    Cork runway closure 2021

    by FlyerDavidUK » Mon Aug 30, 2021 9:28 am

    I haven't seen much discussion about Cork's upcoming major runway closure so far. This AIP supplement explains that
    • the main runway will be closed for 10 weeks from 13 September 2021
      a shorter 800m portion of 07/25 will remain open
      no IFR approaches
      no lighting
      no navaids other than the Cork VOR/DME
    I landed at Cork yesterday (visiting from UK) and was told by the handler (Weston) that they will not be present during the closure, so I can't imagine how GA visitors or private aviation would continue. I understand that professional flight training and some offshore helicopter traffic has or will relocate to Waterford for the duration. Some commercial flights have switched to Kerry. So we might expect Waterford in particular to get a bit busier in the coming months.

    I'm assuming that Cork's vast airspace will continue to remain Class C and be manned by ATC. We've seen in the UK large swathes of controlled airspace revert to Class G during quiet periods with no traffic during recent months, but I can't see anything to indicate that will happen here.

    Once complete, operations should return to normal with some more commercial routes reopening.

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