AAIU Report - BRS Safety Pin
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    AAIU Report - BRS Safety Pin

    by mark » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:59 pm

    Hi all,

    I was recently reading AAIU Report 2018-015 into the crash of Robinson R44 G-DORM. The report included the following paragraph relating to the emergency skid floats fitted to the helicopter:
    It should be noted that the Investigation found the safety pin fitted to the pressure cylinder for the landing skid floats, which would have prevented their deployment if they were needed. This was an inappropriate configuration for a helicopter that was being operated over water.
    While not completely unrelated, I used to fly an aircraft that was fitted with a ballistic recovery system (BRS). It was activated by pulling on a handle located between the pilots legs. My normal procedure was to always leave the safety pin installed as I assessed that the risk of an accidental deployment was a lot more probable than having to use the BRS for real. As such, my touch drills (which I regularly practiced) in the event of having to use it, was to pull the pin and then fire the rocket.

    Just wondering what other peoples views are on this as my procedure seems to be contradictory to the comments in the AAIU report?


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