where to start?

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where to start?

Post by dreamer_757 »

hey all,im 21 years old and have a good bit of experience in the aviation industry,having got my first flying lesson at 16 i fell in love with flying,but since then ive only had 3 more lessons.i worked as cabin crew for ryanir based in frankfurt hahn and as a ramp agent in cork.but the thing im a bit confused about is where to get myself on the right track from going from zero to atpl,but obviously my first goal is ppl.i owe 700 euro a month on my car to get it paid off in a year so i can concentrate on my flying because its eating at me and very irraitating that im not flying.any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Post by -Al- »


What do want to fly, fixed wing, helis?

The best thing you could do is ring around the schools in your area and see what there prices are like, if there clubs, you could always go there and have a chat with the instructors.
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Post by FLYbyWIT »

First step is get your Class one Medical
Second step is to raise the funds needed expect 50 to 100000euro
Third step is to train where ever
Fourth step is to get the job HARDEST STEP of all and it may take YEARS so have a back up plan and dont expect it to happen over night.

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Post by alphaLaura »

Also, try to get to know some pilots as you go along. Build up aviation buddies, because they will be an invaluable asset to you down the road where advise, jobs and security are concerned.
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Post by mrbungle »

Sell your car immediately and buy a cheaper/older reliable model or refinance you loan over 5 years if you want to keep you current car.

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