Irish Open at Adare

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Irish Open at Adare

Post by shrtfld » Thu May 03, 2007 11:32 pm

Hi to all the Heli Pilots of Ireland

As the Ryder Cup proved there is a link between golf events and a large influx of choppers. We expect a repeat for the Irish Open though obviously not on the same scale for the Irish Open in mid May

May I please ask those who will be flying in and out of Adare Manor (7 miles SW of Coonagh) in mid May to please be mindful that Coonagh is a very active airfield in Class G Airspace to the east of and below Shannon CTR. Our training area is Lough Gur / Ballyneety ten miles to the south east of EICN.

All our circuits are to the south of the airfield at 800' with the downwinds based on the Cement factory at Mungret.

We are regularly experiencing helicopters transiting the Coonagh fillet without a call to 129.9. Locally based helis and the Gardai call up on 129.9. Those of you who are less regular visitors might be so kind as to call "Coonagh Traffic" on 129.9 as well as listen out on your second box especially over the weekend of the Irish Open at Adare.

To be fair, ATC at Shannon usually instruct transitting helis to call Coonagh Traffic but our experience is that not all of them appear to do so.

Many thanks

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