First flight
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    First flight

    by Kirbstone » Thu Apr 18, 2024 12:04 pm

    My father required family holiday venues to have a golf course and a race course, if possible. In 1950 Tramore fulfilled both requirements and in August, during race week there were pleasure flights offered off the strand.

    My mother, trusting soul that she was, allowed all three of her sons to fly together on one such pleasure flight and prior to boarding, pointed her brownie camera at us. I am at left aged 8, with elder brothers aged 14 and 9 respectively.
    We taxi'd Eastwards along the strand to the 'rabbit borrows' and turned into the wind facing the town. The strand was hard and flat at low tide and the take-off run was smooth. We gained altitude, clearing the town, grand hotel, church steeple &c and banked left out over the Metal Man beyond Newtown Cove. We then headed East across the Bay towards Brownstown Head and our Captain/pilot announced that we were at 900 feet and 150 MPH....The latter a bit optimistic, probably. After Brownstown we rounded left again and lost alitiude facing West and the strand for our final approach. Lovely smooth landing and a taxi up to the starting point. Total elapsed time about 15 minutes! They did offer some longer flights to the Saltee islands, lasting perhaps 30-40 minutes.
    Back at school the following month I boasted that I had flown in an aeroplane that Summer, whereupon my classmates enquired where I had flown to? I then admitted that it had been just a 15 minute pleasure flight off Tramore Strand.

    I stumbled across Eamonn Power's article and detailed history by chance and read it avidly. It was with great pleasure that I learned that EI AFK still is preserved in flying order under EI ABI & IOLAR livery.

    Tom Kirby
    This aircraft was later re-registered EI ABI
    This aircraft was later re-registered EI ABI
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