Shares sought

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Shares sought

Post by Kieran615 »

Hi all...

Fairly recently moved to Dublin and looking at getting a share in something, ideally a taildragger. Previously had a share in a PA17 out of Popham in UK.

Currently operate the airbus from Dublin so no real interest in private flying from a busy GA airfield, so anyone know any grass strips with syndicates running?

Have around 150 hrs GA time, 3700 TT, and 400 hours gliding. Feel free to PM if you’d prefer not to post here.

Cheers, Kieran

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Re: Shares sought

Post by mark »

Hi Kieran,

Welcome to the forum. I fly at Limetree Airfield, it might be a bit of a commute from Dublin, it takes just under an hour for me, but it's well worth the trip. There's a club there that fly two ICP Savannah's which are great fun to fly. If you're not interested in flying in the club, talk to Mark Brereton who runs it, he usually knows what's for sale around the country! Details at

Mark Dwyer

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