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EasyVFR-PocketFMS & PilotAware

Post by Pilot » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:48 pm

As some of you may know, I'm part of the beta crew with PocketFMS who make the EasyVFR app.

Today we released version 3.9 which has a features that may be of particular interest to us Irish pilots.

Some of you are probably aware of a new open source hardware called PilotAware. It runs off a RaspberryPi and allows the detection of ADS-B traffic, and can be built for around €100. For a while now EasyVFR has integrated with PilotAware to allow this traffic to be shown on the map as you fly (as well as other integrations such as FLARM). However ASD-B isn't really of all the much interest in Ireland, as this is almost exclusively used by commercial traffic and generally when we encounter them, we are already under a positive ATC service.

However the latest version of EasyVFR, released just today, has introduced the ability to use PilotAware to detect mode S traffic. Mode S traffic (without ADS-B) does not broadcast its location, but based on it's signal strength we can get an indication if the traffic is far away or close by.

EasyVFR will now display the details of this traffic on the map in a coloured warning bar, which is green, amber or red, depending on how close this traffic is to you. If it's red, you better be looking out! :shock: I got to bring it into the air last month, and was very impressed with the results.

Finally, a low cost way of getting mode S traffic warnings! Depending on PilotAware developments, it might also be possible in the not too distant future to also display warnings for mode C & A traffic too!


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