Around Ireland Air Rally - May 28th-31st 2015

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Around Ireland Air Rally - May 28th-31st 2015

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The NMAI are delighted to announce the inaugural Round Ireland Air Rally. The Rally has been designed to allow pilots travel around Ireland in an organised trip to visit airfields, landmarks and areas of beauty. The 2015 Air Rally will Take Place on the June Bank Holiday weekend (29th May – 31st May 2015)

The event is open to all types of aircraft*. The concept is simple. We want we use the opportunity to see our beautiful country and to get to know new airfields.

So heres the route.

Day 1. Friday 29th May 2015

Depart from Weston Aerodrome route to Kiernan Valley for Lunch, Route Towards the Giants Causeway, Route to Malin Head, Route into Finn Valley for a BBQ and overnight.

Day 2. Saturday 30th May 2015

Depart Finn Valley, Route to Tibohine Airfield for Lunch, Onwards to Galway Airport, Route to Inis Mor and finally route to Spanish Point for BBQ and overnight.

Day 3 Sunday 31 May 2015

Depart Spanish Point, Route towards Kilkenny and then Finally route to Limetree Airfield where the event will finish.

You are required to register to participate in this event.

In order to run a safe event we are limited on the number of aircraft that we can have in certain airfields. Only aircraft that register to attend will be permitted to take part.

So how do I sign up to take part?

1. There is an entrance fee of €100 per aircraft. This covers your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 3 days for two people. It also covers all landing fees, overnight camping, parking etc etc. There are no other charges payable. The NMAI will be subsidising a lot of the cost. Part of your entrance fee will go to our chosen charity.
2. Aircraft must registered to before the 22nd May 2015.
3. Click Here to Register and Pay
4. Onsite camping is included in all locations. However you must bring your own tent. If you prefer hotel or Bed and Breakfast accommodation please arrange that yourself. We may put a van on the road to carry all of the rucksacks and tents depending on your requirements.

We will publish more details shortly.

Information for Aircraft looking to Visit from Outside of Ireland

Our starting point is Dublin Weston Airport. They have kindly allowed allowed any aircraft looking to visit from abroad to land the day before the event and to be able to park up over night for free. They will also be no landing charge. We encourage any aircraft travelling from abroad to arrive the day before. For more information of Weston Airport please click here -

Aircraft arriving from the UK or France are eligible to fly a permit aircraft in ireland for a period no greater than 28 days. Uk pilots can find more information here - ... g-ireland/ and pilots travelling from France can get detialsed information here - ... o-28-days/

All pilots are responsible for there own customs clearance. Contact the NMAI if you need any assistance.

* Some of the airfields we will be landing in maynot be accessible by larger aircraft. However all overnight airfields should be suitable.

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