PPL Renewal

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PPL Renewal

Post by HollyWood »

Hi All,

I have been searching the Forum up and down for any conversations on PPL Renewal.

I currently hold a full ATPL with a valid type rating.

My SE Class rating expired last Jan (2009) and had been issued 24 months earlier in 2007. During this time i flew 30-40 hours in SE aircraft here in Ireland but was unaware of the need for a revalidadion flight... DOH!

Now according to the IAA i have to do a PPL renewal which on top of a/c rental etc is going to cost me 430 euro.

Is there any cheaper way of doing it or anyone that can sign me off in anyway? Comments/PM's much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Post by Rudy »

Not to my knowledge anyway Hollywood. According to the JAR's you must do an LST with an Examiner. It doesn't have to be in Ireland anywhere in JAR land will do. Not any cheaper in the UK though.

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Post by buggyB »


(ii) within the 12 months
preceding the expiry of the rating
complete 12 hours flight time in a single
engine piston aeroplane or touring
motor glider including:
(A) 6 hours of pilot-incommand
(B) 12 take-offs and 12
landings; and
(C) a training flight of at
least one hour’s duration with a
FI(A) or CRI(A). This flight may
be replaced by any other
proficiency check or skill test.

So of those 30-40 hours if you have met the requirments given above, including the hour with a FI, then I assume that you just have to send in the paperwork. Otherwise you will need a skills test for renewal.

Edit to add: Since you have a full ATPL then I assume that at some stage in the previous 12 months you would have also revalidated your ME,IR and Type Ratings. As you can see from point (C) above this counts.

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Post by Pilot »

The difficulty is that the SEP (L) class rating was not revalidated before the expiry of the class rating. Go one day past, and you'll have to do the LPC.

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Post by Biggles »

I believe Pilot is correct. Not only do you have to complete the qualifying hours you must also have a signature on the renewal form before the current expiry date. If you miss the date you will have to do a skills test; leave it too long and you will have to do a full flight test; leave it longer still and you'll have to resit the exams !

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