Birr Fly-in

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Birr Fly-in

Post by Papa8 »

It was really nice to see a good turnout despite some heavy showers. I unfortunately had to stop learning to fly a few years ago but am really keen to get back into it again now and the display put on by EI-SAM and the 'flying cow' (Extra as well I think) was just the motivation. Well done to Ormand Flying Club for putting on such a good event again. The coast guard helicopter was the highlight for the friends I brought along and having speakers so that the public could listen in was also a great way to give people a taste of what it is all about.

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Post by hum »

I second that! Well done again to all at the Ormand flying club at Birr for the hard work and organisation that went into the fly-in over the weekend, thank you.

By the way the 'flying cow' is an RV7....

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Post by Nanolight »

Why is it called The Flying Cow?

I can't imagine that cows would have a very low drag co-efficent or be very aerodynamically agile.
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Post by shrtfld »

"Low Flying Cow" it truly is but the most aerodynamic you'll ever see. Gerry has painted his new RV7 EI-HUM - to look like a cow - white with black patches all over.

It is absolutely brilliant and the most daring and unique colour scheme anyone has ever devised for an EI reg'd aircraft. We will get a photo posted asap. The artist has even signed the canvas - Dave Bruton.

Brave but brill!

As for the hospitable folks in Birr well done yet again. You did not deserve the weather you got today given the obvious effort that went into the organisation. The weather kept alot of microlights away unlike previous years.

Until the next time...!

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