Valuable lesson / Blade loss France ?

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Valuable lesson / Blade loss France ?

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I dont fly rotors and as such dont claim to know much about them. However that accident in France was nasty and we should all take note. I believe that if something similar were to ever happen in Ireland the shockwaves would be huge and possibly cause the IAA to seriously curtail the present level of freedom enjoyed by operators.

Does anybody type involved and possible cause ?

Worth rethinking safety proceedures in place for your own activities.

All the best.
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Crash in France

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Type involved was an alouette II, according to an article I read somewhere else, possibly similar to the old Irish Air Corps ones, they are popular in France where they were made by Aerospatiale.

Cause of accident unknown, these types of accident tend to turn out to be fairly inexperienced pilots making mistakes such as being overloaded and overpitching or taking off downwind etc.. though i'm not implying that is what happened.

I understand what you are saying about relaxed operating standards, but this was probably a private flight, therefore not subject to the more stringent public transport rules and procedures.

Unfortunately this is incident does not help the public perception of helicopters, in a bad month for helicopter accidents, however hopefully some lessons will be learned. It has always worried me the way members of the public get too close just as you are taking off, you don't stand near the end of the runway when a jet takes off do you? What a horrific sight to those who witnessed it, condolences to all involved...


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