Sign a petition to send to the DAA on better Spotting @ DUB

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Should There Be Better Facilites For Spotters @ DUB

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Sign a petition to send to the DAA on better Spotting @ DUB

Post by doyler »

I belive (and sure many others do to) that there should be somewere that Spotters could Spot/watch Aeroplanes at DUB. A good few years ago there was a little walk way out over the 'Street' (Shopping) were you could watch airplanes Taxi , Take-Off , Land , Taxi and Park. I belive this was a great place. :I would like to send a petition off to the DAA about this matter:
>The More Names The Better.
Thanks Very Much
Stephen Doyle
P.S You can also send names to:
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Post by AndyMax »

I think Dublin has some good spotting areas already. Whats wrong with the area beside runway 28?. With a half desent lense you could take pictures of the people in their seats.

Then there is the approach to runway 10. You can stand right under the approach path and have the aircraft going over your head at 100feet.

How much closer do you want to get!

I cant see the DAA entertaining a request for people to get closer to the aircraft.
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Post by Cros »

Runway 10 is nothing compared to Runway 16, the aircraft nearly skim your head on 16.

Spotting on 28 has gone down the drain though now that they've made that spotting place into a slip road.

Dutch Roll
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Post by Dutch Roll »

a petition?? the view at dub are more than adequate.
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