Kevin Glynn?s VFR Flight Guide Ireland

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Kevin Glynn?s VFR Flight Guide Ireland

Post by hugoj_air »

I know this subject has been discussed previously, but as I?ve
only just managed to get my hands on a copy of Kevin Glynn?s
VFR Flight Guide Ireland, I want to do a full review on it.

The wait was well worth it.
I have been interested in general aviation for over 40 years now
and during that time I have purchased many vfr type guides.
Including Pooley?s UK & Irl, Pooleys Ireland, AOPA ?s Irish Flight
Guide?s and Lockyears UK Farm Strip Guide, the latest edition
which ironically for the first time contains one Irish airstrip. But I
can definitely say without contradiction that Kevin?s Glynn?s guide
to Irish airfield?s and strip?s is by far the best I have ever come
across. On first handling alone it look?s and feel?s very professional
and that continue?s throughout the guide from cover to cover. The
strong spiral binding allows 360 degree folding of the A5 size
guide, which cover?s 129 separate locations in Ireland, North and

The inside front cover gives detailed instruction?s on how to make
the best use of it and after the ?Introduction? Kevin include?s some
very useful information related to flying in Ireland plus a section on
microlight flying in Europe. The guide is aimed primarily at the
lighter aviation activity in this country, north and south. But is
of great help to most general aviation users. The next section
is a set of five charts giving the exact location of each site using
a grid reference code system to pinpoint each location. The same
reference system is then included on each plate of the main
section of the guide. These chart?s also show the distribution of
site?s and there relation to each other throughout Ireland.

Then we come to the main section. Generally, every airstrip and
the NI airports are assigned one full plate, while airports in the
Republic have an additional plate showing a Visual Approach
Chart for that airport. Weston is also given a second plate showing
Airspace, Routes and Circuits. And it is in the next area that this
guide stand?s head and shoulder?s above the rest. Apart from the
usual information you expect in any guide, there is an oblique aerial
photograph of every location. Each photograph is taken from the
south looking north. Which means if you can approach from the
south it should be easier to spot the site using the photograph
as reference.

Below the photograph, is a map showing the location of the site plus
if there are any other airstrips, airfield or airports in the vicinity.
Other important information is included on each plate, if fuel is
available or nearest source, some interesting information about the
location and in some case?s if refreshment?s can be had there.
After the main section there is further related information and some
necessary ad?s (to help pay some of the bill?s). Then we find 13
pages of a fully cross reference system convering: Airfield code?s,
in numerical order, as shown on the charts at the front and location
plate?s. Then an alphabetical listing of location name?s, then contact
name?s and phone number?s where available for each site and finally
a list of countie?s showing the name of each site in that county.

Over the last five year?s I have been attempting to build an historical
database of all aviation site?s in Ireland. So I can appreciate the time,
effort and decation it took to bring the whole flight guide to-gether as
we see it now. Every aspect was completed by Kevin personally,
including ALL the photograph?s plus each map was painstakingly
constructed by himself over a period of only two year?s, while at the
same time running a full time business. Again at the same time
he also cleared a field near his home in order to fly his X?Air EI-KEV.
I thought I had a good idea about the active strip?s in the country, but
this guide has certainly put me in my place by showing me that at
least 50% of the site?s it contain?s are new to me.

In a volume of this size there may be error's. Kevin has made
provision for this event by including an web address to report any
found at and he can be contacted at if you know of any new strip's which could be
included in the next edition.

I am delighted to have my name linked to such a well prepared
document. I gave Kevin a little help with some detail?s and he
very graciously included my name in the acknowledgments list.
I would like to congratulate Kevin and wish all the best for the
future of his flight guide.


Brian Oakes
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Post by Brian Oakes »

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Post by bean_ian »

I purchased my copy from and had to wait a week or so because the first print run of 500 copies sold out. The second run was only 300 copies so if i were you i would get one asap!

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Post by hugoj_air »

Hi Brian,

What more info do you want. I thought I covered most of the
important point's in my rewied above. But if you do have further
questions, please ask and as bean_ian say's you would need to be
quick if you want a copy.


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Post by jonkil »

This book is an excellent resource for any pilot.
Kevin must be highly congratulated and its success is guaranteed.
I talked to him recently and I think that the second print run will soon sell out. It is the new benchmark (hear me poleys) for any publication.
I too made a very small contribution for Kevin and was delighted he mentioned me in the list of people who helped, my contribution was very minor, but this is the measure of Kevin, a real gentleman and a true aviator.
Well done.

Jon Kilpatrick.

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Post by EI KEV »

No bother Jon, I really appreciated all the help I recieved.
Indeed thanks to everyone for your kind support.

I am not going to be in Birr for our Fly-in this year. (Family holls and the change of dates scuppered those plans)

I have left my remaining 75 odd books in Birr, if anyone needs any.

If you can't get to Birr I have dispatched a box to Oliver and one to Matty in Abbeyshrule.

Thanks again for your kind comments, thats what keeps me going.


PS I met Flyer1 & Alpha Laura in Birr .. so hello you guys ..
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Post by »

Hi Kevin,
Would their be any chance of getting a batch upto Dublin, alot of people are looking but want a copy easy enough, maybe a smaller book shop in Dublin, or a flying group, etc?

It looks great, can't wait to have a read, I've heard great things so far!


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