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any body know who could do a convertion faa ppl/h to iaa jar ppl/h on a n reg md600

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Try Steve Walker in European Helicopter Academy over at Weston.

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Nobody in Ireland can do anything on 500. Get a good rating by going to UK cos operators there of 500/600's have at least some type experience. Try getting hold of Dennis Kenyon for it, knows a lot about that type. It also helps to avoid IAA licensing issues, UK CAA make it easier! IMHO 8)


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I think there is a flight Instructor in Galway who has been known to fly around in a G reg 500, no harm enquiring at Weston and Carnmore

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If you have an faa ppl and the heli you want to fly is on the N reg then you dont need any jar or iaa licence, just make sure you hold a faa class one or two medical as the class three medical is not reckognised over this side of the pond. You can do the differences training with a guy in premier aviation in weston who is an faa instructor. :wink:

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