Spanish Point Fly-in 30th May
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    Spanish Point Fly-in 30th May

    by Earhart » Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:50 pm

    Spanish Point airfield is holding a Flyin on Saturday 30th May. As the Around Ireland Rally will be popping in that evening, it is a good opportunity to host this event.

    February 2015 saw the passing of Spanish Point airfield instructor Johnny Mulkerrins. This Flyin is considered as a tribute to our friend Johnny Mulkerrins.

    This grass strip is about 450m long and the field is generally dry. However, if there is prolonged rain during the days preceeding the event, it may be too wet 'under-wheels' to hold the event. It is relatively easy to find directly south of Miltown Malbay and to the east of the Spanish Point Road. The bright red wind sock pin points the spot.
    Camping areas are provided and festivities shall continue after the end of VFR in the town of Miltown Malbay!

    Spanish Point Airfield Location:

    N 52 50.813'
    W 009 24.871'
    R 24/06
    Freq: 123.30

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