Euro Flyin 2014 - Vichy, France
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    Euro Flyin 2014 - Vichy, France

    by searey » Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:43 pm

    The RSA Euro Flyin 2014 at Vichy is scheduled for July 18-20th see" onclick=";return false;.

    ILAS has been invited to attend as a guest federation. This invitation recognises the friendships established by a growing number of Irish visitors to this and other French events over the past few years, particularly "the RV brigade".

    It is a tribute to a growing band of enthusiastic touring aviators including Peter Gorman, Bryan Sheane, Stuart Hamilton and others whose efforts were instrumental in gaining French recognition for Irish homebuilt Permit aircraft.

    Members of the Sligo based ILAS Pat Gallagher Wing have joined the touring ranks including Adrian and Grace Corcoran, Andrew Fenton, not forgetting our own award winning SeaRey crew.

    In France, Irish aviator and former IAA director Anne (Short) Lait has also done much to promote interaction with the Irish & French GA communities.

    We look forward to seeing many more aviator friends in Vichy this year. Many festivities & activities are at an advanced planning stage

    Book a club aircraft or grab a seat with a flying friend and make the trip to Vichy.

    Planning and logistics advice is available on these pages - get in touch if required.

    Bon voyage - see you in France

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