General Aviation Weekend - Sligo September 15th/16th
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    General Aviation Weekend - Sligo September 15th/16th

    by mark » Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:02 pm

    Sligo Light Aviation Club, in association with ILAS (Irish Light Aviation Society) are hosting a 2 day workshop, Flyin and Party in memory of Patrick Gallagher, our esteemed colleague, friend, CFI and founder member of our club. Aviator friends from all parts of the globe are welcome.

    Launch of the ILAS Patrick Gallagher WING

    An aviation celebration with a difference is planned for the weekend of 15th/16th September at Sligo, on Irelands North West coast. Sligo Light Aviation Club is joining forces with the Irish Light Aviation Society (ILAS) to celebrate the life of former member and universally acclaimed aviation enthusiast, Patrick Gallagher, who departed this world earlier in the year.

    Pat was a member of many aviation churches. His enjoyed a successful professional airline career as a Flybe captain. His social activities focused largely on General Aviation. He held instructor ratings from the CAA, FAA and IAA ranging from Helicopters, PPL (A) Land & Sea, Touring Motor Gliders and Microlights. An accomplished test pilot, he was sought out by manufacturers and homebuilders to assess a wide variety of aircraft both in Europe and the United States. When not occupied by the day job, Pat was likely to be found at an airfield offering advice or instruction. As an LAA coach, he was generous with his time in performing revalidations and skills training for LAA members throughout Ireland. Many homebuilders from ILAS and the LAA sought out Pat to assess their latest creation. He himself developed an enduring passion for one such aircraft. Whilst performing flight testing for Progressive Aerodyne of Florida, he decided that their Searey amphibian aircraft offered the greatest potential for inexpensive fun in his homeland. The first Searey to gain a Permit to Fly was built in Sligo under his watchful eye and he guided his own G-CREY to the final stages of LAA approval prior to his untimely departure.

    Like many in Ireland, Pat held dual membership of ILAS and the LAA and he was a vocal supporter of efforts to preserve hard earned freedoms to enjoy private flying. He would have been particularly pleased with the success of the joint ILAS-LAA advocacy in securing much relaxed regulation when flying between Ireland and the UK.

    We are inviting pilots from all parts of the UK to celebrate these freedoms by joining us in Sligo on September 15/16th this year. ILAS is hosting a number of aviation workshops over the weekend and Saturday evening sees the official launch of its first regional “strut” or “chapter” - The Patrick Gallagher Wing. This is followed by a celebration buffet and song at the Glasshouse Hotel, Sligo.

    Sunday sees volunteers from Sligo Light Aviation Club trade flying skills for frying skills – an Irish Breakfast will be offered at the airport. This will be followed by a final ILAS workshop on flight planning and flying in Irish airspace and suggested scenic trips, before bidding farewell to visiting pilots.

    We sincerely hope you can make it – flying in Ireland, particularly the scenic West and North West coastal regions is a relaxed and pleasant experience.

    Further information will be available on the ILAS web site" onclick=";return false;. Other useful sites include Sligo Airport –" onclick=";return false; and the Irish Aviation Authority - ... 20Irel.pdf" onclick=";return false;

    Mark Dwyer

    ------------------------------------------------ THE Resource for Irish Aviation Information
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    Re: General Aviation Weekend - Sligo September 15th/16th

    by Aidoair » Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:50 pm

    Wont make it but hope its a good 2 days , weatherwise and turnout , for all who have never landed at sligo , its a gem of an airport in the west , well worth a flight . enjoy the weekend and UP MAYO .!

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