Island Hop Accommodation

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Island Hop Accommodation

Post by bean_ian »

Hi Guys,
Just wondering if many of you heading to the Island Hop in Birr are planning on camping or going to a local B&B?
I was thinking of camping myself however if anyone can recommend a cheap b&b close enough to the field i might head there, although id imagine availability might be scarce with nearly 200 people attending!!

Lets hope we get the weather anyway,

X'Air 582(5)

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Post by jonkil »

Hi Ian,
We are about to send out a news release to all registered crews detailing info on B&B's / hotels and the camping arrangements in Birr.
With just over 2 weeks to go it is shaping up to be a great event, we have been organizing different things regarding the Saturday fly-out/in.... will be fun.
Trophies/Food/stickers/paperwork all in place..... please :roll: some real good weather will be the order for the weekend.... Talked to a lot of people when we visited Spamfield and a big big contingent are going to come over for the weekend.... lot of flex wings coming...very nice.

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