Bray Air Display - August 5th 2007

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Give some people a FREE airshow and SOME will just end up complaining about the event.

I was up (on both occasions) to video the event. The general vibe was that most people were happy for someone to have gone to the bother of staging the event and enjoyed the display.

The location (excepting the 3hr drive) was great - that raised shoreline gave everyone a good view. There had been more aircraft available for the 1st event, but given the very low cloud base, and constant threat of rain, I felt the s? and the rest of the organisers pulled off a minor miracle.

I enjoyed the day and would simply like to say ... THANK YOU.


Kevin Glynn.

PS We are having another Fry-In in Birr (see events) where you can simply fly in, have a FREE Fry up and enjoy yourself .... However if you intend to complain that the sausages served could have been a better brand, please don't.

PPS If you intend to respond to this.. simply say .. "sorry for complaining and thank you for the effort."

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Gentlemen, one has to start somewhere.... did you know that the guys that started OSHKOSH, never in their wildest dreams expected it to grow into the giant event it is today. I have not been to Galway but I have to say it sounds like a great event, and I'm sure it will grow every year.Its a headache to organize one, believe me, been there done that. Even as an airshow entry the time involved is unbelievable, some display people do it part time and only get fuel as payment and a "cuppa". We all have been to the big events and seen it all, its easy to say "it could be better" Negitivity serves is what is needed. "Build. and they shall come"

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Hi all
Give the guy a break.He is absolutely entitled to complain.Getting thick with him for making what he perceives as honest comment serves no-one.The point,that if the Donners hadn't turned up, it would have been a skimpy shop is a valid one.If the PC-9 display was felt to be unsatisfactory, then it should be adjusted.I don't know of any formation act that leaves a solo pilot on his own for ten minutes. The Air Corps are big enough to take criticism, you know.
I was in Baldonnel as a serving member for two Airshows and if you had any idea how many mistakes were made thru arrogance, unwarranted self belief in the Don's ability and sometimes stupidity and snobbery, you would cringe.
in effect, all airshows are works in progress...

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