North-South 400kV Interconnector

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North-South 400kV Interconnector

Post by NoSiG »

Good evening all. Some of you may be aware of a plan by Eirgrid to upgrade the national electrical grid with a north-south 400kV interconnector through counties Meath, Cavan and Monaghan. Their plan is to construct a series of pylons ranging in height from 22m to 37m from which to suspend high voltage cables.
The planning process is well advanced. The written submission deadline has passed with many hundreds of valid letters acknowledged. There is an anti-pylon group (NEPPC) leading the opposition to the project and trying to promote the concept of an underground interconnector instead.
I am a farmer living in Co Meath and the proposed line will pass to the rear of my house, with one pylon on my land aprox 150m from my home. I am also a PPL but I do not have a grass strip on the farm at present.
For obvious reasons I am opposed to this development and in favour of the underground option. Eirgrid say underground is not an option. But it may become an option if planning permission is refused.
I have made my written submission and now I need to prepare a presentation to an oral hearing. I will be confining my subject matter strictly to "Hazards to Aviation" of overhead lines and pylons. There will be many others to fly the flag for ecology, health risks, property devaluation, etc, etc. I will have 5 to 10 min max to make my point so it needs to be very specifically focused on aviation. This is where I need HELP!
I have my own ideas but any material that would help me get my point across in this presentation, such as photographs of actual incidences, true anecdotes, statistics/records etc would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Michael.

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Re: North-South 400kV Interconnector

Post by martins »

You have a difficult task ahead of you, it might be tricky to convince anyone that power lines are a hazard to aviation, as if you stay at the minimum safety altitude, they should not cause issues. However you might use Australian experience and statistics as they use helicopters for cattle herding and planes for agricultural work - they reckon 25% of low altitude accidents happen due to power lines: ... ower-lines Do you fancy doing some some spraying or cattle running to help your argument? :)

perhaps you can contact AAIB in UK and see if they have any statistics

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Re: North-South 400kV Interconnector

Post by mark »

Hi Michael,

The IAA don't produce many publications so you know when they do they must take the topic seriously. Back in April 2013 the IAA published a document on wire strikes - ... f?sfvrsn=2 .

The risks surrounding wire strikes are not just confined to private pilots and farm strip operators, the Air Corps Air Ambulance had a very serious wire strike in 2012 ( ... -004_0.pdf). It might be worth contacting the AAIU for the stats as I believe there were many more that were reported but no formal investigation took place. There was also of course the tragic Schweizer 269 crash in Kilshanchoe, Co. Kildare in 2009. ( ... _009-0.PDF)

That report in particular made reference to the alarming number of strikes and we know many more have happened in the meantime.
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Hope this helps.

Mark Dwyer

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