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Microlight Incident Reporting

Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 9:23 pm
by jonkil
Following on from the regional Safety Council meetings that the IAA and NACI are running throughout the country, the NMAI have setpu up an incident reporting system in order to report all incidents and mishaps as they happen. This will be 100% CONFIDENTIAL system, your details will not be passed on. We need you to report "everything", from a broken stub axle, to a de-laminated prop, to a more severe bump.... to the smallest issue.... please submit a report, the info will be put to good use and NO ONE will suffer any consequences for submitting ANY report. All reports go to directly to the NMAI and never directly to anyone else, no paper trail or electronic trace will exist on any report submitted. The main NMAI website will be updated to add this page over the weekend.
To view the reporting page please click HERE