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Part 66 B1

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:41 pm
by gavair
Hi all, no one to blame but myself as normal but however here i am 23 years into fixing aircraft and I haven't got my finger out to remove the electrical restriction on my ticket!!!!

Anyone got any of the module info I need! All help would be grate!!!!!

Thanks in advance


Re: Part 66 B1

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:32 am
by Earhart
Hi Gavair,

Your query is covered by IAA PLAM (Personnel Licensing Advisory Memorandum)No 01-02 (1/06/2010). This is available on" onclick=";return false;.

Since you have a Part 66 Licence that was converted from a National Licence under Protected Rights, the process of 'Removal of Limitations from A Part-66 AML Already Granted Against Protected Rights' is detailed on Page 4.

You need to sit, and pass, certain modules. For example, If you originally had a BAEC Part 2 and want a category TA1.1 (Part 66), you need to sit Modules 3,5 and 7/11 combination and provide verified experience covering the additional privileges associated with the removal of the limitation. (no training evidence is required). Complete EASA Form 19 and send it, with fee, to the IAA.

Shannon Aerospace offer the exams in centres in SNN and DUB (details on" onclick=";return false;).

You can always email for further clarification.

Best of Luck,