Best project for a first time build?

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Best project for a first time build?

Post by Geminidawn »

As mentioned in previous posts I am eager to build a Volmer VJ22 but that is somewhere down the road, in the mean time, as a step up and a novice to building aircraft I would like to take on a smaller less time consuming less expensive project. So when I do get to the Volmer I'd have a bit of aircraft building experience under my belt and the VJ22 would seem less daunting.
The projects I am looking at are:

The Affordaplane
The Luton Minor or Major
The Volksplane VP1 or VP2

My work is in multi-discipline trades so skills will not be a shortage. Furthermore I am just a trainee pilot so the end result would have to be easy to handle. I like the idea of being able to carry a passenger in the Luton Major and the VP2 as I think it would be unfair for me to be up there having all the fun while my fiance is stuck on the ground.

What in your opinion would be the best way forward?

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Post by robertd »

Have a look at the Corby starlet (Australian design), single seat wooden aircraft powered by either aero vee or Jabiru engines. Aircraft spruce sell the plans and the wood you will need to build it, they even supply the cowling for the jabiru engine too. See Laa mag Feb 2009 for a great write up of this aircraft, its performance is amazing, leagues ahead of the luton minors or vp's you've mentioned in your post and roughly the same price to build. 140 m.p.h cruise on 85hp and 1500ft per minute climb rate, can operate out of small fields too with 150m take-off and 200m landing roll. Type "corby starlet" into youtube and you get some good videos, the only drawback I could see for you building one is that they are a tad on the twitchy side in landing and takeoff, a little trickier than the likes of a luton but with some taildragger practice it should be fine.I Hope that helps your search.

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