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Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:15 pm
by airbus
I am currently in the process of getting an aircraft engineering qualifacation while i bide my time in college till i start pilot training. Threfore i am only attempting the cat A JAR EXAMS but i've been told that if i do the exams in shannon aerospace rather than doing them in my current college then i have a better chance of passing and this is the reason why the shannon exams are much more expensive than the college ones.Can anyone fill me in on this info (i have been told by a source that you are almost guaranteed to pass the exams in shannon as they give you a question bank for each module.) :?:

Just wondering cos 75% its not easy to do even in the Cat A's, cos i failed my cat A's but yet apart from maths my weak point i got up in the 70's for the others but just not good enough,i don't think i'm even goin to use this qualifacation as you need the 2 years experience to make them mean anything but still its not a bad thing to have on your C.V

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:02 pm
by Dutch Roll
shannon aerospace do not give you a question bank,its not America.CAT A is so easy anyway with a small bit of study,its level 1 knowledge,there is disks floating about with exam q's but the i hear the whole question bank has been recently overhauled and the exams take place in the clare inn at dromoland,the carlow IT exams even CAT A are prob not the best to sit and do you get a cert for each exam you do??,if not dont pay them.if you were dead set on becoming a pilot i wudn't waste my time,il ask some people if they've questions,i gave a loan of mine to someone and havn't seen it since!!!