Recommended text For Some Part-66 Modules

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Recommended text For Some Part-66 Modules

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Module 1:
Technician Maths 1 By J.O. Bird, A.J.C. May

Module 2:

Physics For Aviation

Module 3 and 4:

Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications-Mike Tooley
Electronic Circuits and Systems-Owen Bishop

Module 5:
Introduction to Avionics - Dale R. Cundy, Rick S. Brown
Modern Aviation Electronics - Albert D. Helfrick
Practical Aircraft Electronic Systems - Albert D. Helfrick
Digital Fundamentals - Floyd
Digital Systems, Principles and Application - Tocci

Module 8:
Aircraft Flight: A Description of the Physical Principles of Aircraft Flight
R.H. Barnard, D.R. Philpott
Flightwise: Aircraft Stability and Control - Chris J. Carpenter
Mechanics of Flight - A.C. Kermode

Module 13
Aircraft Systems: Mechanical, Electrical, and Avionics Subsystems Integration - Ian Moir & Allan Seabridge

Mechanics of Flight - A.C. Kermode
Aircraft Radio Systems - James Powell
Aircraft Electricity & Electronics - Ralph D. Bent & James L. McKinley
Aircraft Instruments and Integrated Systems - E.H.J. Pallett & L.F.E. Coombs
Aircraft Electrical Systems - E.H.J. Pallett
Automatic Flight Control - E.H.J. Pallett & Shawn Coyle

Aircraft Engineering Principles: By lloyd dingle and Mike Tooley
(Book of all Module 1,2,3,4 and 8 )

Hope these are of help!! if anyone wants ISBN no.s etc give me a shout.
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