Small Correction Aug 2011 Issue Pg48
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    Small Correction Aug 2011 Issue Pg48

    by holyflyer » Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:42 pm

    Many thanks for the excellent magazine that continues to wend its way across the Irish Sea where it is eagerly devoured in one sitting.

    One small correction on page 48 (ILAS Fly-In) G-AVTP is a Cessna FR172H not an 'N' version. It flew in from Northern Wexford (not Northern Ireland) where it often visits on its holidays from White Waltham. This year it performed particularly well having made the journey west the day before in some spectacular weather. Nearly 1.5hrs of IMC from White Waltham - Haverfordwest and that was mostly at FL65. A gin clear crossing of the Irish Sea only to coast in and thread my way between some very large CB's. Shannon kept me with them as Dublin was a tad busy with "mulitple go-rounds due weather."

    Thoroughly enjoyed the ILAS Fly-In even if I did make a complete pigs ear of the first approach and thus went round. Hoping to get to Tibohine Fly In next year as I have discovered that some very old friends live literally round the corner.

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