PPL to CPL hour logging?

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PPL to CPL hour logging?

Post by silverfield »

Hi all,
I am a PPL holder and I may be able to secure access to a privately owned R22 for hour building. My question is, Can the hours flown in the R22 be logged towards my JAA CPL minimum of 155?
Or does the aircraft have to be associated with an approved flying school for the hours to count?


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Post by michael747 »


I'm pretty sure you dont have to do the hours with an RTF or FTO for the hours to count.

I never thought about it until now really, and i have lots of hours on private aircraft which i'm counting on to count towards the CPL myself...

Just once you have the minimum of 100 hours PIC when starting the CPL.

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Post by tu154 »

Yes. (Assuming JAA/EASA whatever they are calling it this week).

The hours are your own to do with what you want. Some places market hour 'building packages' post PPL, but there is no requirement to do anything with a school.
Rather than blatting around the countryside burning up hours, you might consider talking to a CPL school and working out exactly what the CPL course entails, and start working on being able to fly those exercises, to the required CPL course standards. Makes it easer on the course, and you will need all the capacity have once the pressure is ramped up.
If you do your night rating that will also knock 5 hours off the course, although you need a minimum number of hours before you can do the rating.
Bottom line, make sure you have all gotten all the right hours (X/C, PIC etc) you need before starting the CPL.

Feel free to P.M me if you want some more information

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