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For any pilot or student pilot in Ireland or Northern Ireland I have created a simple free online database for submitting fuel prices, landing fees, club fees and details, hangarage etc. without currently requiring login or password. Your email is required (to contact a user if absolutely necessary) but is never revealed to the public. This will allow pilots to assess best value for some of flying's costs.

If it is successful I would envisage adding the ability to track say costs for maintenance like 50hrs, annuals etc too. It is possible for anyone to embed the application in their website too if they wish and I would be happy to give the whole thing away to any organisation that saw it as complementary or beneficial to improving flying. e.g. Flying In Ireland

I have tried to take account of some helicopter features in the forms but please email me for the basics I am missing. I can create additional fields in a few minutes so please let me know things that should be there but are missing from a helicopter pilot's point of view.

For now take a look at http://creator.zoho.com/irishpilot/pilotwatch/#
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