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Dry hire rates for R22 and R44 in the UK

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 5:08 pm
by Delta Romeo
Ive been doing my training in a school near Leeds in the UK. Sherburn Aeroclub for the past 6 months or so and Im loving it. I can get a cheap ryanair flight to LBA and then its about an hour to the aero club.

Im not at the stage yet but the owner there, Rob Hields is a smart bloke and sees that people are going to the US to dry hire. He has just announced dry hire rates for block bookings.

R22 - £90 per hour based on block booking of 100 hours
R44 - £160 per hour based on block booking of 100 hours (astro)

If you want to talk about the aero club feel free to PM me. On the pictures thread, there is a pic of me and G-NOSY, nice machines that are very well looked after. He also said that if there was demand from Irish students, he would base one of the machines in Ireland for student to hour build at the above prices.

Apoligies if I am not allowed advertise, but this offer is too hard to let pass. (Mark, I have given Rob your details and he will get in touch for a ad for the mag)