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just wondering why you decided to go with Bristow?
just asking because i plan on going to florida to do my cpl, but cant decide on which school to go to!
Of course bristow has the advantage over the resr because it does the JAR, but from what i have heard it is a bit of a pilot factory?
turning through huge numbers of students?

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JFH what would you know about it.Seeing as you never attended the school.As for someone getting a job in Ireland on a 407 with 140 hour's i seriously doubt it as the insurance premium would be quite steep and if someone did cough up for the premium it was either his Daddy's or he owned it.

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I think I have to comment on this "factory" business, seeing as I HAVE been to Bristow (if that's what this thread is about?! Not digging at JFH here btw..). It's a very good flight school, and going from zero to solo in such a busy airport environment is an excellent experience - I feel this prepares you far more in being aware of your surroundings with so much air traffic, rather than training up in a quiet airport (not knocking quiet airports either.. but this is a bonus) and feeling too much freedom.

As for the school, my instructor was extremely professional, along with the other 20-30 other instructors. Yes they do have a high number of students - most of what I could see were CPL integrated students there on J1 Visas doing the long haul and going straight through CPL into FI. It's a good circuit as it means there are more FIs available rather than pumping out CPL level students with lower hours and not as much experience as the guys are getting from staying there and finishing out the 2 Years of the J1.

I don't believe that they should be called a pilot factory - HAI/Bristow Academy has had a huge reputation for putting the student first..

If you want to read up on pilot factories, do some research on Silver State Helicopters ;)

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