I know nothing...
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    I know nothing...

    by CormacE » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:06 am

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently decided that I want to start flying for leisure, I'm not sure I'll ever want to make a career of flying. I have zero experience and I still don't know what type of flying I'd like to do, be it microlight, helicopter or obtain my PPL. I'd like to get the PPL but am unsure on what the best approach is. I've contacted a flight school in Dublin and they have advised me on the cost outlay and the ground school aspects and the expected time needed to achieve the licence.
    I'm confident I will be successful but the only thing holding me back is the time frame.
    I currently study part time after full time work, so for the academic year, I'm very busy. Ideally I'd like to get my PPL this summer, I've read some threads on here that say this is possible in a 3ish week period in the US.

    Is this an advisable route? Is the American PPL transferable to Ireland?

    Failing this route then I could consider the microlight route, the LAPL. However I'm not sure how credible this type of licence is as it obviously limits me to certain aircraft. I also notice that a the NFC in Weston does not offer LAPL training but it is a recognised (DTO/ATO??) by the Irish aviation authority, whereas Newcastle does offer LAPL training but as far as I read, didn't seem as a recognised as NFC. Can I progress from LAPL to PPL with extra training?

    I also wouldn't be averse to flying a helicopter, in fact I thing that would be my preferred type of aircraft. However PPLH training seems to be only offered by one school that I can find and I'm unsure how accessible helicopters are, it seems planes are more popular and therefore I may be able to make more use of my PPL for planes. Also, what sort of flight range would a normal chopper have? Could I fly one to the far ends of the country if I fancied? Planes surely can reach that far. (I'm Dublin based)

    I think I'm rabbitting on here, but I have a lot of questions and I'd like to make the best, most efficient use of my summer. I'm selling my car to help find this pursuit, so I'm fairly committed, I just need some advice from some experienced lads.

    I appreciate any of my questions being answered or any other tips I haven't yet touched upon.

    Thank you.

    PS Does anybody want to buy a cool car?? :lol:
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    Re: I know nothing...

    by Ferg » Tue Jun 04, 2019 10:46 am

    Just started to learn to fly myself after a few leisure flights and have sort of gotten the bug. Anyway I would not be the best as yet to answer any technical questions you have, but all the best with it.

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