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New Horizons Microlighting

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:44 am
by Doyleeire
Hi All,
New to forums & my first post.
I'm 46 now and all my life I've been looking to the sky.....its time to stop looking and get in it. As I have waited so long I would like to get my license in the shortest possible time.
The plan is to first save and take the medical, then I want to take time off work to take my lessons. Because of my age, I do understand it will take longer to get to grips with it, I think if I get to fly every day for a few weeks it would be more beneficial to me. I have over time gathered some info and I get from most people and forums that npplm is the way to go and Kiernan’s Aviation is highly recommended.
I live in Drogheda so it’s not too far at all to travel. I can plan my savings, I can plan my time off work, but I cannot plan for the Irish weather. So, I searched for flight schools abroad and I then came across new horizon microlight which is located in Spain.
Has anyone ever trained over there? If so could you tell me about your experience? This really appeals to me as in more ways than one, like a lot of people I have sacrificed a lot over the past few years and I think I deserve a few weeks away in the sun and no better way to spend it learning to fly.
But it would be nice to hear from someone who has already been there.
I do intend to take a trip over before committing to anything.

Re: New Horizons Microlighting

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:03 am
by mark

Welcome to the forum. I've never heard of New Horizon Microlights but it looks ok from what I've seen on their website. The UK NPPL(M) is accepted in Ireland (with 45 hours total, 10 hours PIC) but the medical is not so make sure you get a LAPL or Class 2 medical before you go. One important consideration is to where you are going to fly when you come back to Ireland. Presumably you're getting the licence so you can enjoy flying in Ireland? If you're going to rent from a club, if they haven't trained you they may require that you do several hours flying with one of their instructors before allowing you fly solo. No big deal, but worth factoring in the costs of that. They may also have a minimum number of solo hours required under their insurance before they can rent you an aircraft. I know some clubs are 50 hours solo so it might be worth doing some solo hours in Spain after you get your licence.


Re: New Horizons Microlighting

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:56 pm
by Doyleeire
Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply and highlighting the obstacles that would face me if I went down the UK road. I have thought of some of the points you raised but had not got around to get the info yet. I will admit that I am very much torn as to where to do it, even if I were to do it at home. I'm in saving mode at the moment and plan to start in around May 2019, taking four-five weeks off work to get in as much flying in as possible and complete exams. The plan would be to then (hopefully) get a machine of my own or join a syndicate.
The more I think about it I know it makes more sense to do the training here, especially mulling over some of the points you raised. So in saying that where would you recommend? If you can. I do travel all over the country with work so distance isn't a factor for me. I have visited Kernans and got a good feel form it. I do plan to call into James Morriseroe Tibohine Flying Club when in the vicinity next.
I do know there is a private farmstrip not far from me I was thinking of getting in touch with and getting his input and some pointers.

Again thanks for the reply.