First steps to becoming a commercial pilot?

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First steps to becoming a commercial pilot?

Post by Brian123 »

Hi, I am new to this forum but am quite interested in becoming a commercial pilot for a living. I am still in secondary school but i would just like to know what how and where i could train to become a commercial pilot?

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Post by JFH »

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Re: First steps to becoming a commercial pilot?

Post by sk1000 »

Hi Brian

Welcome to the forum! I'm in the very same position as you at the moment, except I left school this year and I am currently taking a year out.

JFH hit the nail on the head there, except I think there was one important fact he forgot to mention.

In order to become a commercial pilot you will need to possess a Class 1 medical. This ensures that you are fit to fly and should be taken before you commence training. This is done in the Mater Private hospital in Dublin and costs about 700 euros.

The best advice I can give you is RESEARCH, and its great to see you are starting. The reason I say this is to avoid the outcome many students faced with the closure of the PTC over the summer and to ensure you know exactly the process. I dont know what year you are in but if you are in 4th year try and arrange work experience in one of the flight schools. This will provide with a great insight into training and the flight school itself.

Forums such as this and PPrune are a great source for information from students about particular flight schools and going ons in the industry etc.

Research all the schools, dont be afraid to email or visit the schools and keep an eye on the airlines sometimes a sponsorship appears such as with Aer Lingus and BA last year.

Wishing you all the best and happy researching.

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