NATS- Air traffic control scheme

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NATS- Air traffic control scheme

Post by sk1000 »


Just wondering has anyone ever applied to the air traffic control scheme NATS are running over in England?

I would like to know what the scheme is like and what the interview and assessment process is like?

Basically, would anyone recommend applying for it?

Sorry for all the questions.


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Re: NATS- Air traffic control scheme

Post by jonkil »

I have the UK AFPEx terminal and account.
It is actually a java standalone application (doesnt need browser) and can have a cumbersome interface although it is easy to use once you do the initial tuning of the software. I use it a lot for flights in N.Ireland and UK. Olivia and skydemon are more user friendly and our own offering from the IAA is not too bad either.
Below is a screenshot of the AFPEx NATS terminal, you may have some difficulty obtaining an account and I obtained mine by having a British registered aircraft and a British issued pilots licence and being inside UK airspace although I am in Donegal !
Any questions get in touch.


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