Pilot Trainging from zero hours.

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Pilot Trainging from zero hours.

Post by EireFlyer »

Hello all, new here.

I'm looking to become a pilot like many others, I understand the industry is in a bad way at the moment.
I'd like some advice, I've done a fair bit of research into as well. I'm currently booked in for a MED1 and that
will decide if I can go with this or not - I don't expect any surprises.

First stage PPL: I'm planning on doing the PPL in an approved JAA school in America, costing I've seen has been around $6,500.

Second stage: Hours building, I'm not sure where to do it? I'm quite lucky that my job will allow me to take leave and take a flight to America if needs be. I understand that I will need another 100 hours in this case.
I'm not exact on what that could cost me but I'd imagine 150 hour rate by €15,000.

Third Stage: ATPL Theory Exams
I'm looking into doing it with http://www.afta.ie/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; in Cork. I'm not sure of the cost of this at the moment, but presume €3,500 or so.

Of course I'll need the night rating.

Stage Five: Commercial Pilots License / Multi Engine Rating

I haven't looked into this stage that much as I'm very far away from it, what would be the costs?
I presume I'd have to spend another 20K or so to get type rated.

My question is, am I going about this the right way? I understand that job prospects are weak at the moment. Is there a way I can save money, I know there are places that can train you from day one to flying
type rated but really, can you do that and come out competent. Please let me know of errors, ideas, costing, ect.

Really appreciate your advice. Thank you.

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Re: Pilot Training from zero hours.

Post by balbriggancc »

You have the right idea doing the PPL in US, I'd suggest EASA formally Ormond Beach aviation, they were quite good when I was there, there are mixed reviews about this place but in my experience the people who complained were the ones who struggled with the course and didn't have the aptitude for flying so decided to blame the school instead of themselves.

I would suggest doing the rest of your training within the one organization Like Atlantic in Cork or the National flight center in Weston, cheapest is never always Best..

Also I think you should start studying for your Atpls and get them out of the way before your hour building, don't put it on the long finger like I did.. the ATPLs are by far the hardest most daunting part and take a lot of motivation and discipline (Well For me anyway).. While your doing them you can get checked out at your local School or Club to keep you current.

As for hour building I would suggest Air America in Daytona they have a good fleet and very good rates on their Cessna 150 & 152 its also nice to do some time in new 172s with G1000.

http://www.airamericafc.com/fleet.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Also West air in Vegas is a good Family run school where you can rent at reasonable prices and its possible to do a Trip over to La and back if they think your competent enough..

Also try and do A bit here if you can it is nice to get some variety and to be able to bring friends family up for an odd flight here and there.

I wouldn't say job prospects are weak at the moment I've seen plenty of people get work in the last while. By the time your finished your triaining there should be even more of an improvement..

If you have any Qs pm me..


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