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PPL study technique

Posted: Tue May 08, 2012 9:43 pm
by johnc24
Hi Everyone

I received my Class 1 a couple of weeks ago which I was delighted to get of course.

Now that I am committed to getting my private pilots license, I would like to ask how you went about or are currently going about your studying technique. I am tending to do a bit of this and bit of that... I have not found a solid plan. I have read my POF book and I can answer most of the questions but sometimes I feel as though I have missed stuff.

Anyway any thoughts on study techniques will be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Re: PPL study technique

Posted: Wed May 09, 2012 4:02 pm
by EiMPB
Hi Johnc24,

Are you enrolled in a flight school anywhere or are you club flying? I'm presuming from the fact that you've got the class 1 that you're intending to go commercial and if so you'll have to train with a school, ie NFC.

I'd personally just read through the Trevor Thom books, and enrol in the ground school in the NFC (can only speak for the NFC 'cos thats where I did it). Once you're working through the course work folder that they provide you with, you'll know what areas you really need to concentrate on for the exams. The instructors make it really easy for you to understand and anyone out there will answer questions you may have at anytime.

As much as passing the exams is the goal, don't under estimate the importance of knowing the information in the books too. If you're going forward to the ATPL's, the PPL course is an invaluable grounding that you'll need to know.

Hope this helps and feel free to PM me any questions you have and I'll try help you out if I can!



Re: PPL study technique

Posted: Wed May 09, 2012 7:39 pm
by johnc24

I am not currently enrolled anywhere. I got my Class 1 just to ensure that I was able to get it without a problem. But yes your assumption is correct, I do wish to go commercial.

I should mention thought that I got a UK CAA class 1 as I plan to go the Florida for my PPL.

I guess I will try and get through a couple of chapters each evening and do the questions at the end and that should be OK I guess. I was hoping I might get some feedback from methods employed by different individuals.



Re: PPL study technique

Posted: Thu May 10, 2012 9:18 pm
by xpro
I started same as yourself, got my class 1 and then started with PPL Course and now hope to move onto cpl.
Regards studying i used Trevor Thom books which i find excellent, and also Oxford DVD`s as an addition which provide very good animated explanations.
I have pretty much finished with the course, just waiting for the flight exam now when the weather allows me. All my training was done with NFC which i find good, plenty of aircrafts available and loads of instructors.
I also tought about doing my ppl in the states, newer planes, better weather,etc but i ended up doing it all here, it was just more flexible for me. I took me around 7 months to do 50 hours so its not too bad, plus i enjoy flying in irish weather.