PPL in Florida-Total cost

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PPL in Florida-Total cost

Post by smithte »

Hi all,

Seriously considering doing my PPL next year Florida with a long-term view to gain ATPL. I have the funds available and am in a full time job so it will have to be done over a month (maximum). Have 20 days holidays a year with work so will more than likely take all these. Going to go the modular route and try keep the costs to a minimum.

Just wondering what the total price of this would be (including flights over, accom, exams etc). Basically just a final price. Any advice/info would be great from someone who has gone down this route.

Also any suggestions for a school would be great.



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Re: PPL in Florida-Total cost

Post by flyrunwayheading »

Hi smithte,

I done my PPl back in 2008 in Florida, all in all it cost about €7k. I wouldnt go to the same school i was at, as it hasnt got a great record but i got what i wanted and completed in 4 weeks!

I went to EFT in fort pierce last year for some hour building and found them quite good.Im planning on completing my CPL/ME with them next year as soon as i get these ATPLs out of the way :roll:

anyway heres their website http://www.flyeft.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

PM me if you want any more info

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