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Dear all,

In sync with my previous thread i am now coming to an end of my ground school exams.

I now am on the lookout for schools in the US in which to complete my in the air training, i cant afford to be waiting weeks on end for Irish weather to make its mind up.

Has anyone got any opinions on training outside Ireland, for PPL level. Ie what can they say about the schools that they attended.

I am after a JAA PPL, or maybe EASA by the time i get around to doing it but if i do go to the States i might get a check ride for a FAA PPL too. I don't mind going to Europe, ie Spain or Greece if people have good opinions of that too.

In a nutshell i want to hear about the choices you's made.


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Post by GoGoGadgetGoAround »

I've been to OBA/EASA for CPL and know a lot of lads that did their PPL there. Tough part for most was doing the exams and flying from scratch in 3 weeks but many of them did it when they put the work in. You have a huge advantage in that exams will be done. Again it's only the CAA exams that count there.

They had a bad reputation but have improved a lot, it's a no frills place with nobody to hold your hand but the price is right for the same bit of paper you'll get anywhere else. There's a good few posts on this about it so have a look for them too.

Remember never pay everything up front, pay as you go or in installments, payment through credit card if safer.

Regarding FAA licence, once you have JAA PPL you just fill out some paperwork at the FSDO and hey presto you have an FAA licence too without the additional checkride!
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