PPL(M) to PPL(A)
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    PPL(M) to PPL(A)

    by furball » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:57 am

    Hi all,

    I know this has been brought up before but just thought I'd share with you a portion of an email that I received from the IAA on the official path to PPL(A) from PPL(M), if anybody is interested.



    "There is a sort of path from an IAA PPL(M) to an IAA JAR PPL(A) but to be honest, it affords very little credit!

    If you were to obtain an IAA PPL(M), you could claim a credit against the minimum 45 hours flight time required for the PPL(A) based on your total PIC time on microlights. The amount of credit is calculated at the rate of 10% of your total microlight PIC flight time up to a maximum credit of 10 hours e.g. 60 hours of PIC time in microlights would give you a 6 hour credit against the 45 hour requirement. You would still have to complete a minimum of 25 hours dual and 10 hours solo (inc. solo x/c etc) in aeroplanes.

    In respect of the theoretical knowledge examinations, the JAR-FCL PPL(A) exams are currently used for the IAA PPL(M) licence anyway. These exams have a two year validity for PPL(A) licence issue, even if a PPL(M) has been issued in the meantime.

    The medical requirements are the same – JAA Class 2 in both cases.

    It is expected that a similar credit for flight experience will prevail under the forthcoming EASA Part-FCL regulations, which replace the JAR-FCL requirements for a PPL(A) on 8th April 2012"
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    Re: PPL(M) to PPL(A)

    by robclay26 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:47 pm


    I have been down this road myself. I was wondering if you hold a valid/current
    i did my PPL(m) training here in Ireland with Ultraflight in abbeyshrule. After some time i decided to go become a commercial pilot, in order for me to do this at the time i could only ICAO registered aircraft and went to Canada to take my commercial training etc. I applied to Moncton flight College to enter a integrated program, and said I have a valid Irish PPL. I didn't mention nor had any questions asked about it been a PPL(m). To convert my Irish PPL (m) to a Transport Canada PPL (A) i had to do a little bit of flying to get used to the Canadian system, the different plane and the 5 hours required instrument flying it took me about 11 hours. My check flight to obtain the PPL (A) was just a quick check by a flight instructor not a fligth tester. He was happy with my flying and signed a little form, sent it to Transport Canada and in a few days i had my PPL (A).
    i was given all 75 hours credit i had in ireland towards my TC PPL(A) and it woked out at about $145 per hr in a Diamond Da20. Im sure the price has gone up with fuel, insurance etc.
    But if you work it out this way:

    Ireland: 60 hours micro light = 6 hours credit for ppl (A)
    45 hours min requirment for ppl(A)-6 hours credit = 39 hours x €175 hr in cessna 172 approx = €6825
    and extra cost of flight test, licence fee, rental of plane for test etc

    Canada: 60 hours micro light = 60 hours credit for ppl (A)
    5 hours instrument flying $145 x 5hrs = $725
    and allow some extra flight time to get used to the aircraft, and the canadian system.
    Also allow some for the rental of a apartment etc
    you will have to take 1 written exam called PSTAR required by all TC pilots before first solo or any conversion, its easy exam.
    there would be no flight test, just your last hours of the required 5 hours instrument flying will be a little skills test.

    should you require more info,
    Rhea Gallant
    Licensing Officer/Agente, Emission des licences
    >Tel: (506)851-7435 | facsimile / télécopieur (506) 851-2563
    >E-mail address: rhea.gallant@tc.gc.ca
    >Transport Canada | General Aviation, P.O. Box 42, Moncton, NB ElC 8K6
    >Transports Canada | Aviation générale, C.P. 42, 95 rue Foundry, Moncton N.B. E1C 8K6
    >Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada


    Carey Taylor (ctaylor@mfc.nb.ca) or Gerry Benoit (gbenoit@mfc.nb.ca)
    Moncton flight College
    1719 Champlain St.
    Dieppe NB Canada
    E1A 7P5

    Main Reception: 506-857-3080
    Admissions: 506-877-2285 Ext 212
    Email: admissions@mfc.nb.ca

    Hope this is of help to you,

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