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In relation to the aircraft systems course in I.T Carlow i have heard that if you do 2 years of this course you can get some sort of higher cert in avionics can anybody confirm this for me.

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Post by Bob »

If you want a career in Aircraft maintenance I'd suggest you apply for an aircraft mechanic apprenticeship.

If your real aim is to become an airline pilot and think that this course would look good on your C.V. I'd advise against it. Look into other non aviation courses that first of all would have good job prospects and secondly something that you would also be interested in.

If your looking for a backdoor into aeronaughtical engineering in UL I'd advise you to possibly consider a standard mechanical engineering course. From what I understand it's apparently very specialized. A mechanical engineer would find it easier applying for a normal engineering job and there's nothing stopping them working in aviation engineering either where as I don't think it works as easily in reverse for the aero engineer.

As per the course in Carlow, it's grand on the theory side of things but it very much lacks on the practical side, hence why I recommend the apprenticeship if you want a job as an avionic technician. However if you were interested in electronics there is add on degree and honours degree courses in non aviation electronics.

As for the cert your original question :lol: yes you get a higher cert which equates to the Fetec level 6 same as most two year engineering course.
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IT Carlow

Post by RYR144 »

Hi there,
Also just to let you know that IT Carlow have now dropped this course for 2010. I was interested myself but just got the list of course cancellations from the CAO Office.

Hard luck my friend.


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