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Thank you for the reply Vanman, really appreciate it.
I went into NFC in May, I have 46hrs and my ppl and was told that if you have less than 100hours you would have to do 20hrs with an instructor or if you had more than 100hrs it would be reduced to 10hrs. I does seem a bit steep alright. :roll:
I'm in a fortunate position that I would be available 24hrs a day 7 days a week so hopefully time will not be an issue. I think I would enjoy flying here than say going abroad, as I think it would be a good experience with weather and atc etc. :wink:

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Re: Hour Building

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for fast progress then its th us,im going out th oba shortly for houurs,did my ppl with them and was very happy with them.

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Re: Hour Building

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Hi Guys,

Anyone considering hour building should check out Waterford Aero Clubs new hourbuilding packages!! Theyre almost as cheap as going to the states.
It is in this months Flying In Ireland magazine...

When bought in bulks on 20 or more hours, you will receive a discount off normal club rates, Therefore a Tecnam is €117 per normal tach hour, and when bought in bulk, is €115.

Roughly converting tach to clock is 0.7 so you can fly a new Tecnam for €80.5 per clock hour!!

Most USA schools are $70-100 per hour and you also have the accomodation, transport, expenses such as new maps, airport directories and so on....

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