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    by Dogbiscuit » Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:23 pm

    "That's not correct, you can get FIS without filing a flightplan".

    That's what I said, you can, but it is not 100%, a controller in Shannon told me that.
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    by captain slow » Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:23 pm

    To clarify- you do NOT need a flight plan to be provided with a flight information service and alerting service in class g. This is provided to all aircraft who have filed a flight plan, are known to be in distress or otherwise known to as soon as you call with your call sign you are known traffic and will be provided with a FIS and alerting service.

    BUT just remember to advise ATC when you are finished with the service either before you land or afterwards on the ground by landline so atc/guards dont have to go searching for you 30 mins after last transmission or postion report. This applies if you just pop up for a local flight and you just call to check qnh or transponder or for traffic too.

    A flight plan is required, amongst othertimes , when you want to enter class C even if you just want to transit thru and not land. If you want to land at a class C airport then a plan filed will smooth your way and dont forget you need another plan to get back out!

    The other thing is that atc service provided in the fir/class G does not mean you need to file a flight plan because its not a control service its only an information service and as such atc will NOT seperate you from terrain or traffic. They dont even provide a radar service they just use the radar to help plot where the aircraft are.

    And finally from experience both ifr and vfr can operate in class g and there is no special attention given to the ifr traffic. They might be ifr but its still see and avoid!
    I always tune in 127.5 even if its just to listen. the service is great with the heads up about traffic --sometimes its miles away sometimes its damn close but if i had a radio i would use it even tho the plane flies fine without it!
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    by libertyxl2flyer » Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:03 pm

    thanks for all the info guys and the debating skills displayed there by all! :lol:
    n550xl make left traffic report midfield downwind cleard for takeoff runway 08

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