wat airlines look for in an interview

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wat airlines look for in an interview

Post by libertyxl2flyer »

hi everybody

just out of interest does anybody know wat sort of stuff airlines expect you to know in an interview and what are the kind of stuff they ask

thanks alot
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Post by dhblewis »

Not sure if this is what you are looking for but: this is taken from ryanaircom

The Recruitment day commences at 08:30 with up to ten Pilots of all experience levels assessed on any given day.

The day begins with an introduction to Ryanair and our Recruitment team. Pilots can then expect:

A pre-simulator briefing
Personnel Interview and Technical Assessment ? Approximately 45 minutes to convince us of your suitability to join Ryanair. This is your opportunity to convince us that you are the sort of person who will thrive in an environment where hard work and effort are rewarded. There will also be an assessment of your technical knowledge.
Simulator Assessment in a B737-800 simulator ? 45 minutes as Pilot Flying and 45 minutes as Pilot Monitoring. We assess basic handling skills, CRM and flight management.
Those who emerge successful from our recruitment process will be offered employment with Ryanair or a place on an appropriate type rating course.

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Post by FLYbyWIT »

Hi guys.
Its going to vary on all accounts regards airline and level off entry i.e cadet/cpl/experienced etc etc

Persuming you have a cpl and no experience as cadetships are rare they might ask you tech questions relative to your most recent aircraft, questions on wx or questions on your training or why you wanna fly. They might probe you on the particular aircraft that they operate, nothing to tech but none the less be well prepared and research the aircraft as best as possible.
There is a million and one areas they could quiz you on so its near impossible to know, best you can do is get feedback from previous people if possible for example ryanair has a fairly predictable day of selection.
Just cover everything you can and believe to be relative and if they ask you something you dont know, simply say i do not know! Do not waffle.

If you have a senior pilot there they would be representing the pilot body of the airline and are also wondering if they wanna sit beside you all day on a long flight or would you just be an ass, and in general would your face fit the operation.

So know what is expected of a CPL outta school i.e everything you have been thought to that point and research the airline and aircraft, obviously if your current on type of aircraft revise it but no need to be reminding those guys as they know what to expect.

I have heard tons of different questions been asked and all different but some examples and this for CPL no experience,,,,,
What variant aircraft airline flies? engine type ? typical weights ? how many? airlines routes ? expansion plans ? current stock market position ?
what do if Cpt deviate from SOP ? Fuel for alternate? basics of jet /Tprop engine ? de-icing methods ? discuss points on a jeppy plate ? decode tafs/metars ? describe your last aircraft and what was its weight or various speeds or actions for an eng failure etc etc
As you can guess there are millions of possibles.....

Good book to get is called "Ace the tech pilot interview", get it on ebay for cheap and read it through no matter what your expereince.

Airlines expect you to be well rehearsed, well prepared, well studied. well presented, and professional in your approach. Dont spend thousands on training and then take an interview likely, Competion is varied but be the one that has covered everything and this will come across.

O one curveball I got many moons ago was ...Tell us a joke?
Caught me by surprise ! but dont let questions knock you either.
Not the definitive answer but a lil info.....
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Post by stovepipe »

hi there
they do like to throw in the odd question about the actual business element of airlines...I was asked about where I thought the airline was going in the next five years....I was asked about the aircraft they operated, in terms of it's suitability for regional or long-range ops.....I was asked about previous attempts to get into airlines.They want to know that you have been trying every option to get in, ie, trying local and foreign airlines...there's loads fo this stuff on Pprune, by the way.Also, I'd recommend doing some interview technique practise, either with a school guidance councellor or with a professional agency such as Carr Communications.above all, make it your business to meet pilots of the target airline and ask them about the day job.

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