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Which Florida training school for FAA-PPL

OFT www.flyoft.com
EFT www.flyeft.com
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OBA www.flyoba.com
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balbriggancc wrote:If u want something a bit better you have to try an Angus burger from the Golf club which is located Just beside the entrance to the Airport...

That burger is sex on a bun.

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the good owl burgers in the golf club nice followed by a nice trip up to flagler for a few patterns that is how to spend your summer
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Just incase anyone else is interested in going to america for ppl training, I thought I'd let everyone know about oft.

Was over in Flordia rand them up on Wednesday at 2 and organised an introductionary flight for 9.00am the next morning. I arrived and was greeted with smiles, Filled out a quick form and was told that I could get proper training lesson 1 hours instead of my 30 min flight so I agreed.

Meet the instructor and he couldn't have been any nicer. Everyone was so polite and helpful. Then I got into the aircraft a Cessna 152 made in 1977 n48869.. had a lot to be desired. Panesl missing, fibre galls coming out etc.

The aircraft preformed very well and was nice and responsive. The instructor let me do ATC and taxxing which was nice as I only had 30 mins previous flying expericance.

Went in to pay and was hit with a $14 insurance and fiel surcharge.

Overall was happy apart from the inside of the plane.

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Post by Cosmic »

This Polls won't really prove anything. It would be quite rare for one person to A) have gone to all three schools B) Done so in a short enough period of time to draw comparisons.

You need to use the likes of this site and PPRuNe to people that are there now or have been recently to get the feedback. The nature of the Florida flight training business is that instructors and people at flight schools come and go as they move on to better things in their careers, and standards, quality and business honesty vary with them.

OBA had a really dodgy reputation when I was out there. As did OFT. Thats a few years ago though, so it means nothing now. I have a friend who just came back singing their praises after his PPL.

Do as much research, and talk to as many recent students as you can.
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