Choice of Flight Schools

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Choice of Flight Schools

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Im doing the rounds at the moment looking at flight schools to do my Commercial Pilots licence. Im going down the integrated course as opposed modular. I think Ive narrowed my search down to three schools and am wondering what peoples opinions are on them. Ive chosen:
PTC in Waterford
Naples Air Centre

I know a couple of people who are persuing their dream with PTC and so far so good but Ive also talked to one or two people about the other schools aswell. I would prefer to study in florida and so I havent looked at any places in England.

Any feedback would be much appreciated


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Post by FLYbyWIT »

Well you may need to re-acess your investigations as neither PTC/EFT/ or Naples do Intergrated courses.
Keep on looking......... :shock:

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PTC is it??? haha

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