Doing courses seperatly at PTC

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Hi there
im not sure I like this half and half approach to the CPL. It's far more expensive than it has to be, at the student's expense, of course. You should complete the CPL skills test in a single, preferably a nice, stable PA-28 (you'll hopefully spend your flying career in a whole series of deliberately stable aircraft, so you may as well start early!). The CPL is important but is basically a souped-up PPL flight test, with some IR thrown in. Trying to absorb all the joys of twin flying is too much when trying to polish your CPL skills. If you fail the CPL skills test, then you'll end up paying for more very expensive MEP time.Do it on a single then forget about it, as you'll never have to do that test again unless you let it lapse.
When it comes to your MEP, this is the time to do more ME.Forget about trying to pass it in 6 hours. You will barely be competent, especially if you have a very low total time. Take ten hours instead. Costly but you'll increase the odds of a first-time pass and you'll be more comfortable with the aircraft when it comes to IR flight in it. Also,I'd consider doing the Instructor rating after the CPL. It will hone your physical and mental flying, which will help during the IR, which is the hardest of the lot.It will also give you a rating that you can use immediately when you get home.
I'd keep a weather eye on any scheme by a school that involves you having to dig deeper everytime.

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Doing it the way Cahal described it is as no extra cost to us, still going to be 75,000 for the airline programme either way, so it doesnt bother me.

As far as Im aware the CPL will only be done it the twin until Flight Safety are JAA approved to do it in the Arrow's.

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