Atlantic Air Cork

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Atlantic Air Cork

Post by november.sierra »

I just came across an advert for Atlantic Air Cork, offering flight training to fATPL standard, but as for PTC Waterford, no real information that is of any use to a prospect student.

I would have the same sort of questions as for PTC there namely cost, timescale, accommodation, source of financing, what can be expected in terms of living expenses, etc.

I have e-mailed them to enquire but as yet no reply so if someone who's had any dealings with this outfit can clarify these issues it would be much appreciated.

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Post by Bob »

HAve you a web address for Atlantic Air so I can check it out. I've never heard of them.

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Post by A330 »

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Post by Clrd2Land »

Novermber Sierra,

I have been in contact with PTC to order their brochure. They've been very fast to reply to my e-mail's in the past. Their brochure does not do much to answer the questions that I have. Mostly just goes over their aircraft, programs and prices.

Pilot Training College
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Post by Pilot Training College »

November Sierra: email sent to you - if it does not satisfactorily answer your queries please get in touch.

D. Owens 051 876706

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Post by Frosty »

As far as I know, Mark Casey is one of the owners of atlantic flight training. The Cessna 172 is EI-DDX. Thats all I know of it.
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About Atlanticair

Post by danelane2000 »

Hi, The person who said he got no reply from Atlantic Air.

im currently enrolled in PPL in Atlantic Air.
They are brilliant i could give you the phone number of the place.
Atlantic Flight Trianing: 021-4888737

thanks a million
Patrick O'Leary :!:

Lionel Hutz
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Post by Lionel Hutz »

Went flying with Atlantic air on Saturday, Well impressed with their setup and the instructor, compares well with professional flight schools I have flown with in the states, will be a regular customer

Really nice plane too.


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