Getting off the Ground...

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Getting off the Ground...

Post by Davey »

I am 17 yrs old and doing my Leaving Cert this June and i am hoping to gain a career as a pilot,either military or commercial.
I was wondering if anyone has any info on the best way to get that job.
I will be applying for the Cadetships in the Air Corps this month but are there any other Cadetship programmes or recruitment etc with airlines in Ireland.I heard Aer Lingus have stopped theirs.
Any info will be much appreciated..
Cheers :D

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Post by ronnie3585 »

Not to be rude but this topic has been done a million times. Re the cadetships I think there is a forum dedicated to the Aircorps. To the best of my knowledge there are a couple of officers on the forum who seem to be really helpful.
As regards a career as a commercial pilot; do a search on PPRuNe they have threads devoted to answering you questions and you will get a couple of hundred hits if you do a search.

I think its safe to say if you want to get into the flying game professionally you will need BUCKETS of money, a lot of study dedication and time... and some contacts always helps.
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