PPL Historical Hours

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PPL Historical Hours

Post by Vinnieb1988 »

Hi all,
Just a query in relation to hours completed over the last 10 years. Would these still count if logging towards a PPL???
I had 8/10 hours completed & stopped private pilot training for a number of reasons.

I have been juggling with the idea of getting back into it.

These hours would be archived on the club master logging sheet & not in a personal log book. If instructors have moved on etc. would this be an issue?


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Re: PPL Historical Hours

Post by mark »

Hi Vinnieb1988,

If they were done in an approved school / club for the PPL yes they will count however you'll need to try and get them into your logbook. There should also be a training record of some description from your previous hours. If you can get hold of that as well that will help with having the hours recognised. Obviously, you'll need a recap on the lessons, especially if it's at a new airfield or on a new aircraft type. It's not the end of the world if you can't find the original records, the average PPL takes between 55-60 hours so you'll probably make up the hours anyway.


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